About TDOTL Spoilers

From tomorrow, any posts I make/reblog that give away anything from TDOTL will be tagged both "skulduggery pleasant spoilers" and "tdotl spoilers" - I know that due to things like postage some people won’t get the book till later and since it’s the last ever one I don’t want to ruin it for anyone :)

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holy shit it’s tomorrow it ends tomorrow, this series means so much to me and in a day’s time it’s all going to be over. what am i going to do when i’ve read the last book? what am i going to do with the rest of my LIFE without these characters in new and wonderful and heartbreaking scenarios?? whTA THE    F  UC K„„„, WHO   i S LETTING THIS HAPPEN????/ /?

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Skulduggery Pleasant - The Dying Of The Light Trailer

kill me

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Official Requiem Ball Pairing Post

Do you:

A)     Have a ticket to the Requiem Ball but don’t know who to take as your guest?

B)      Don’t have a ticket but know that you can make it and really want to go?

Myself and playingwithfiiire are organizing a pairing system where people without tickets are paired with those who have spare guest ones. If you’re interested, the rules are:


  1. If you are under 18 then you will need parental consent. If you don’t have it and do not tell me then I cannot be held responsible for what happens. Seriously. Don’t get me sued guys.
  2. Your safety is your own – I’ll give you advice and help but you will be responsible for getting to the ball and safely meeting you paired person.
  3. You need to either have your ask box open or give me some way to contact you.
  4. In your ask you need to provide the following:

1)      Do you have a spare ticket or are you hoping to get someone else’s?

2)      What is your age?

3)      If you are under 18 then do you have a parent or guardian who is willing to go with you?

4)      If you are under 18 then do you have parental consent to go with an over 18?

Please don’t lie about the last three – they will not affect your chances and are for your safety more than anything else.

Please make sure than you are not on anon and that your ask box is open. I will then send you the URL of someone who you can go with, and the two of you can sort out the finer details. If you’re suspicious of the person you are paired with, please tell me immediately.

Some tips for staying safe:

1)      Arrange a skype call with the person you are paired with.

2)      Text a friend or someone safe to let them know that you have arrived safely.

3)      Arrange to meet with your paired person either at the Requiem Ball itself or some other public area.

Feel free to ask myself or playingwithfiiire any questions (there’s also a Q&A on my blog)

Pairings will be given on a first come first served basis. There will almost certainly be more people wanting tickets than we have tickets, so I cannot guarantee you will get a ticket.

 Please get your ask in before Saturday 23rd, as things like travel and accommodation need to be sorted out.

You don’t need to like, follow or reblog but reblogging to spread the word would be appreciated :)

Good Luck!

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