Skulduggery Pleasant ask meme

  • 1:What is your taken name?
  • 2:What type of magic do you use?
  • 3:What type of Adept would you be?
  • 4:What Sanctuary are you from?
  • 5:Who would you like your partner to be?
  • 6:Who would you trust most in a fight?
  • 7:If you had the power to bring one person back who would it be?
  • 8:What type of monster would you like to be?
  • 9:Which character or monster would you like more information about?
  • 10:What side would you have been on during the war?
  • 11:Who is your favourite character in the series?
  • 12:What would be your on hand weapon? (gun, shock stick etc.)
  • 13:Where would you like to work in the sanctuary (in the labs, doing detective work, grand mage etc.)
  • 14:Who was your favourite grand mage?
  • 15:Who is your favourite member of the dead men old or new.
  • 16:Who is your favourite monster hunter
  • 17:Which book cover was your favourite?
  • 18:Which religion are you apart of?
  • 19:What would your signature outfit be?
  • 20:Who is your favourite non magical character?
  • 21:Favourite moment in the books?
  • 22:Favourite piece of snark?
  • 23:What is your favourite short story from the series.
  • 24:What symbols would you like to have?
  • 25:Your favourite ship from the series?
  • 26:Ship you just can't like
  • 27:Favourite Brotp
  • 28:Which car do you like better Skulduggery's Bently or Val's Oompa-Loompa?
  • 29:Which part made you cry?
  • 30:How did you get in to the series?
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"You can’t leave me alone," she said, following him into the living room.

"No," he corrected, "I can. You’ll be perfectly safe."

"The front door’s off!"

"Well, yes. You’ll be perfectly safe as long as they don’t come through the front door."

He pulled on his coat, but she snatched his hat away.

"Are you taking my hat hostage?" he asked doubtfully.

"You’re either staying here to make sure no one else attacks me, or you’re taking me with you."

Skulduggery froze. “That,” he said eventually, “wouldn’t be too safe for you.”

"Neither would being left here on my own."

"But you can hide," he said, gesturing around the room. "There are so many places to hide. I’m sure there are plenty of good solid wardrobes your size. Even under a bed. You’d be surprised how many people don’t check under beds these days."

"Mr. Pleasant—"

"Skulduggery, please."

"Skulduggery, you saved my life tonight. Are you going to undo all that effort by leaving me here so someone else can just come along and kill me?"

"That’s a very defeatist attitude you’ve got there. I once knew a fellow, a little older than you. He wanted to join me in my adventures, wanted to solve mysteries that beggared belief. He kept asking, kept at me about it. He finally proved himself, after a long time, and we became partners."

"And did you go on to have lots of exciting adventures?"

"I did. He didn’t. He died on our very first case together. Horrible death. Messy, too. Lots of flailing around."

"Well, I don’t plan on dying anytime soon, and I’ve got something he didn’t."

"And that is … ?"

"Your hat. Take me with you, or I’ll stand on it."

He looked at her with his big hollow eye sockets, then held out his hand for his hat. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Skulduggery Pleasant (via deadghastlybespoke)
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One hour until TDOTL…

One hour until I can download the free sample off iBooks…

haha I’m not desperate

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The entire fandom right now. (via ask-erskine-ravel)
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About TDOTL Spoilers

From tomorrow, any posts I make/reblog that give away anything from TDOTL will be tagged both "skulduggery pleasant spoilers" and "tdotl spoilers" - I know that due to things like postage some people won’t get the book till later and since it’s the last ever one I don’t want to ruin it for anyone :)

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